Atheists: Get Out of the Damned Closet!

This is supplementary material for a blog I posted encouraging Athiests to come "out of the closet."

My first "random" survey found these results. The data were obtained by googling for "atheist blog", going through the results in Google's order, then applying these rules:

  • Reject aggregates and blogrolls. Group blogs allowed if it's a small number with a fixed membership.
  • Must be active in the last two weeks
  • Must be a blog site (not news)
  • Must be by an atheist (not merely about atheism)
  • Mark author as "n/a" (not available, i.e. anonymous) if I can't find the author's name within five minutes of entering the site.
Author Blog Title Link
n/aThe Raving
n/aAtheist Media
Adrian HayterThe Atheist
n/aThe Atheist
n/aYet Another Atheist
Bruce EverettThe Thinker's
Hemant MehtaFriendly
Jack Eber CarlsonRadical
n/a (3x)God is for

The table above indicates that roughly six out of the twenty or so bloggers were willing to give their names. Note that there are more bloggers than rows in this table, because a couple of the sites were group blogs.

I wasn't happy with these results – the Google results were too sparse and didn't seem to be finding the "mainstream" atheism bloggers. For my next survey, I decided to sample the "contributors" list over at Planet Atheism, the one in the right-hand column. I took a "random" sample by using every 12th link, and then rejecting any that didn't meet the rules above (except that I didn't reject inactive ones this time).

Author Blog Title Link
Steve WellsDwindling In
n/aHoly Prepuce!
Grant LaFlecheThe Atheist
n/athe God-jeering
n/athe skeptical
n/aUberKuh - The Artistic

The rules for gathering this data were:

  • Take every 12th PlanetAtheist contributor
  • Eliminated if not primarily about atheism
  • Eliminated if no longer available
  • Mark author as "n/a" (not available) if I can't identify the author within five minutes of entering the site.

One blogger, Possummomma, is actually a group of three, but I could only find posts by Possummomma, so I counted her as anonymous.

No doubt there are things I overlooked and/or mistakes in this data. I only spent about three hours gathering it. But I think it's fair to say that most Atheist bloggers are writing anonymously.